Back Protectors


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Back Protectors:

Our back protectors feature the following:

Innovative Dual Density Honeycomb Technology combines two different honeycomb structures to offer lightweight impact protection with exceptional breathability and comfort

Outer Honeycomb plate – Made of Polypropylene; provides an outer structure to protect the back from penetrating injuries, as well as dissipating impact force over a wider area

Inner Honeycomb foam – Made from a special elastomeric compound, this light and flexible impact foam absorbs transferred energy

Asphalt Addiction has tested the back protection system to offer superior protection over a wide range of ambient temperatures

Ergonomic protection plates contour to the natural curve of the back ensuring optimum fit and comfort while riding

Protection plates have integrated lateral “wings” that flex to fit to the movement of the shoulder blades and wrap around the kidneys when in the riding position

Adjustable elastic shoulder straps

Wide waist featuring a dual Velcro® closure system.

One Size Fits Most


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