Custom Suits

Asphalt Addiction knows that not everyone has the perfect size or build, that’s why we offer CUSTOM Fitted Suits! Our custom suits are made to fit, using all the great materials, features and protective standards of our “off the rack” style suits.  We also offer this custom fitment for a very reasonable price ($285.00+ original cost of selected suit).

90-AA-MST-203-2p-FrontHere is how the process will take place.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Custom Fitted Suit:

If you like one of the current suits we offer, REV, PRO, K series or Hybrid, but want a custom fit.  NO PROBLEM, we offer custom fitment.

  1. Choose a suit, email us requesting a custom suit measurement guide, fill in the required measurements, return it to us via email at
  2. We will review your measurements and contact you if we have any questions (24-48 hours).
  3. Once we’ve confirmed the measurements, the production process begins. Depending on the complexity of the suit, style and design chosen, production will take between 5-7 days.
  4. Production is completed and images are sent to you.
  5. Packaging and Shipping is initiated. Depending on your location and holiday shipping traffic, shipping may take anywhere between 5-7 days for delivery.


So you say you want a FULL CUSTOM SUIT?!?!, No worries mate, we provide that service too.  Asphalt Addiction knows that there are some customers that want what NO ONE ELSE HAS.  Maybe you have special sponsor requirements, sizing considerations, a unique look that you want to have.  We provide a custom suit service to make WHATEVER you want.  We offer this full custom suit option for a very reasonable price.

  1. Email us requesting custom suit measurement guides and design suit, fill in the required measurements, email it back to us at
  2. With our provided “DESIGN SUIT” file, you will have the ability to sketch out the style, look and color combinations you want to achieve. Once you have the basic layout and look that you want, email us the image at and one of our designers will review with our production department to ensure what you designed will work effectively.  We take considerations for safety and production so your safety is NEVER compromised.  This will take approx. 48-72 hours depending on our current workload.
  3. Once we confirm that design, measurements and safety considerations are good to go, the process of creating an artist rendition of your suit will begin immediately. The artists rendition will be sent to you within 48 hours. Once received you will have the opportunity to request changes. If you are satisfied with the design you will be supplied an approval form (signature required) and then your suit heads into production.
  4. Depending on the complexity of the suit, production may take between 6-10 days.
  5. Once production is completed, post-production images are sent to you.

Packaging and Shipping is initiated.  Depending on your location and holiday shipping traffic, shipping may take anywhere between 5-7 days for delivery. Tracking number will be dispatched to you via email for you to maintain delivery/arrival time.