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Asphalt Addiction will fill the needs of the extreme athletes and enthusiasts in the motorsports world with a unique line of clothing that encourages the customer to show off their attitude, passion, or in the case of some their total obsession with riding. We are a unique breed of people that understand that living on the edge is the only way to live. The point is not to show the world around us that we love these sports because we have a death wish; it’s completely opposite, we cherish life and want savor every moment and to live it to its fullest.

Our objective is to enter into the extreme sports and motorsports industry with a new and unique line of casual clothing and riding gear. At the launch of the brand, we will offer two distinct lines of apparel. Our Casual line will consist of t-shirts, hats, hoodies and jackets. While the Riding Gear line will offer leather race suits, jackets, boots, gloves and protective gear.

The Asphalt Addiction product line may seem similar to many available on the market today. We separate ourselves by using premium materials, high end innovative production and manufacturing processes all while providing our products at a budget conscious price without sacrificing quality, durability, style and comfort.

Finally, to go a bit deeper into our business mindset; we want to build our reputation with a foundation designed around EXCELLENCE in customer service. We stand behind our products, we appreciate our customers, and we live to ride and ride to live, no matter how cliché that might sound.

Testing Leather Suits

Each of our suits is rigorously tested to ensure the best performance and safety for you.

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Dealer Program

We are always looking for great partnerships to continue the expansion of our products.  As a result, we have developed our dealer program.


Get a quote for repair work on any of our brands, or even your own gear.


Asphalt Addiction is always looking for riders that are in need of support to help them achieve their goals.

Custom Suits

Asphalt Addiction knows that not everyone has the perfect size or build, that’s why we offer CUSTOM Fitted Suits!

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We stand behind our products, we appreciate our customers.  Call us anytime with questions or requests.


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Return Policy

If your gear isn’t perfect, we’ll repair it or send you a refund.  Check our return policy for details.